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Helping independent restaurants and the people they employ by providing access to information, tools and expertise to ensure their vitality and wellbeing.

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Our Purpose

An educational hub, where restaurant owners and managers can interact with people who care about them and their employees.

Emotional Resilience & Practicing Self Care

Information and exercises to help overcome the harshest situations and still accomplish goals balance a positive outlook with a realistic view of the world.

Reviving & Sustaining Your Restaurant Business

A series of Webinars on the essential building blocks that are the foundation for a successful restaurant turn around and sustainable restaurant growth.

Maximizing Your Revenues & Customer Retention

Various experts share their insight on common misconceptions of marketing to acquire new customers and offer viable and cost-effective marketing strategies.

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30-Minute Program Overview

Community Support

Local experts who have volunteered to guide restaurants to make informed decisions, operate with confidence and adapt to a new normal.


Marketing, Human Resources, Public Relations, Operations Management

Peers & Mentors

Executive Chefs, Restaurateurs, Investors, Sommeliers, Kitchen Managers

Financial & Legal

Accountants, Commercial Real Estate Attorneys, SBA Lending Partners

Therapists & Coaches

Coaches, Naturopaths, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Therapists, Yoga Instructors

COVID-19 Relief Funds

Revamp Your Online Business Model!

6-Months of FREE Food Ordering Software: Take-Out, Curbside Pickup and Delivery -- Ongoing Support to Ensure You Succeed.

Keep Your Revenues

Break free from reliance on third-party delivery services that take a big bite out of your revenues. Saving 20%-30% in fees can boost revenues, keeping your business open and your staff employed.

No Waiting to Get Paid

Why wait the 7 to 10 business days to be paid by third-party order and delivery services, with Loqalli, you are paid within hours of credit card settlement (must be connected to Stripe).

Support for No-Contact & Minimal Exposure

Technology offers no-contact and minimal exposure pickup options for deliveries, takeouts, and curbside pickups, keeping everyone safe.

Welcome to Restaurants Rising

We are collaborative of professionals from various backgrounds with a common mission of supporting small independently owned restaurants rise above the challenges left by COVID-19.