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Live & On-Demand

24/7 access to relevant and timely information that can help reshape your business wherever you are and on any internet-connected device.


How-To Workshops Series

A Limited Series of (2-5) Sessions: 45 Mins

Hands-on workshops introduce concepts and strategies that you can adapt to solve your specific business challenges. Live events have opportunities for Q&A.



Guest Speakers & Experts

Live & Pre-Recorded Events: 30-90 Mins.

One-time presentations from thought leaders and subject matter experts who will offer their insight on current topics affecting restaurant owners and employees.


Discussions + Real-Time Q&A

One-Time Live Sessions: 45 Mins

A group of professionals gathered to discuss a particular topic in front of a virtual audience, who share their perspectives and answer questions posed by participants.

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Upcoming Events

All Live! web events start at 2:30 pm (PT) and are available on-demand at any time.



Join us on April 27, 2020 @ 2:30 PM (PT)
Welcome to Restaurants Rising

We are collaborative of professionals from various backgrounds with a common mission of supporting small independently owned restaurants rise above the challenges left by COVID-19.