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Become a Community Partner

We welcome you to join a dedicated group of local consultants, professionals, and peers who are coming together to contribute their expertise to support our neighborhood eateries and drinking establishments.

The National Restaurant Association’s 2019 report showed that about 900,000 (9 in 10) restaurants are small businesses employing fewer than 50 workers. The most vulnerable among them are the “mom and pops” who have less than 30 employees. We are dedicating our initial outreach to support smaller restaurants for an extended (post-pandemic) period, knowing that when we give our best, it could positively change the trajectory of their businesses, families, and their employees for years to come.

Whether it’s sharing (virtually) your expertise in a dedicated webinar, or mentoring to a small group, or giving one-on-one advice, your contribution will be remembered and appreciated by the people who have been serving us over the years.

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Welcome to Restaurants Rising

We are collaborative of professionals from various backgrounds with a common mission of supporting small independently owned restaurants rise above the challenges left by COVID-19.